Gakuyugo Seminar

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As part of the efforts to promote "academic fusion," which is the basic philosophy of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, a seminar unique to the frontier science, was launched in June 2007 for students and faculty members.

The seminar is currently held once a month as a cross-disciplinary seminar covering a wide variety of research topics. Each time, three professors selected from each research field (basic science, life science, and environmental science) explain their own research in an easy-to-understand manner for non-specialists.

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AY2022 date(s)
1st April 20 (Wednesday) *Finished
2nd May 18 (Wednesday) *Finished
3rd June 15 (Wednesday) *Finished
4th July 20 (Wednesday)
5th October 19 (Wednesday)
6th November 16 (Wednesday)
7th December 14 (Wednesday)
8th January 18 (Wednesday)

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