International Liaison

Life in Japan

The Graduate School of Frontier Sciences holds an orientation for new students at the beginning of each semester. There is also an orientation in English that can be attended by students regardless of their majors in addition to the orientation held in Japanese for students in their own majors and departments. Both orientation sessions provide information necessary for conducting research activities at the Graduate School. International students who will be living in Japan for the first time can take advantage of the tutor system, which allows them to consult with tutors individually for six months. The tutors are often senior students from the same laboratory, and they will be your strongest supporters as you need to set up your living infrastructure immediately after your arrival in Japan such as open a bank account or completing citizen registration procedures.

In addition, Kashiwa International Office locating on the Kashiwa campus provides living support for international researchers and students who belong to research institutes in Kashiwa Campus.

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