Expenses at Enrollment

Upon your enrollment in The University of Tokyo, you will have to pay the following fees.
Be sure to include these expenses in your budget for your study at UTokyo.

Admission Fee and Tuition

Please see the following website of UTokyo for the admission fee and the tuition.


Admission Fee Exemptions

Regular Students with excellent academic standing are eligible to apply to be exempt from paying their admission and tuition fees. Upon announcing the results of the exemption applications, you will have 2 weeks to pay any outstanding balances to the school (admission and/or tuition fees). Payments to the University can only be made via bank transfers. The payment periods are as follows:

April enrollment: Applications are taken in March → Results announced at the end of July → Payments to be made in early August (for those who did not receive the exemption).

October enrollment: Apply for exemptions along with enrollment procedures in September → Results announced at early January → Payments to be made early to mid January (for those who did not receive the exemption).

You will lose your student status if you fail to pay the admission fees on time. Application for admission fee exemption or deferred payment must be submitted prior to the admission procedure, which is implemented after receiving the letter of acceptance. Payment of admission fees is deferred until the results of screening are determined. Please note that eligibility will be invalidated if an applicant pays the relevant fees before the results are determined. Note the application form for admission fee exemption and for deferred payment plan are different. Research students are not eligible to be exempt from paying admission fees.

All applications are accepted by mail (registered mail) only.

Housing expenses

This expense will not be paid to The University of Tokyo, however please be sure to include these expenses in your budget for your study at UTokyo.

If you do not wish to move in to student housing and decide to rent an apartment privately, be aware that in Japan you are usually required to pay a series of deposits that can amount up to 200~300 thousand JPY.


  • The schedules and fees posted on this page are subject to change. This information posted has been based on the deadlines of previous academic years. Make sure you plan accordingly and give yourself sufficient time to complete all of the procedures to begin your studies in Japan.
  • There are some scholarship opportunities that students will be eligible to apply for after arriving in Japan. However, they are limited in numbers, and many will only be enough to cover a portion of your living expenses. Furthermore, it may take a couple of months to receive payments upon applying for these scholarships. Scholarship application procedures will begin soon after completing all of the enrollment procedures, so it would be more advisable to begin researching and preparing for scholarship applications before coming to Japan.
  • Furthermore, research students should be aware that there are very few funding opportunities for them. Virtually all of the opportunities target students or researchers enrolled in degree programs.