Insurance for Foreign Nationals

This section provides information on insurance for foreign nationals staying in Japan for study or research.

If you have an unforeseen accident during your stay, or if you cause an accident or are found to be seriously ill, you may incur high medical costs or be liable to pay compensation. If you do not have insurance, you will have to pay for everything yourself. Even if your stay is short, it is not unusual for you to have an accident or to discover that you have an illness that requires surgery or other treatment. For your own protection, be sure to take out appropriate insurance. If you are unable to purchase insurance in Japan, please ensure that you have appropriate insurance before traveling to Japan.

1.Those who are enrolled as students at the University of Tokyo.

Refers to those who have been issued or will be issued a student ID card by the University of Tokyo.

Will you stay in Japan for more than three months?

  1. National Health Insurance(NHI)[Required]
  2. Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai)[Required: University join in bulk]
  3. Comprehensive Insurance for Student Lives Coupled with Gakkensai for International Students(Inbound Futai Gakuso)[Strongly recommended]
  4. IMAS(Inbound Medical Assistance Service)[Strongly recommended]
  1. Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai)[Required: University join in bulk]
  2. Travel insurance[Strongly recommended]
    Please purchase travel insurance before travelling to Japan.
  3. IMAS(Inbound Medical Assistance Service)[Strongly recommended]
  4. Comprehensive Insurance for Student Lives Coupled with Gakkensai for International Students(Inbound Futai Gakuso Type C)

2.Those enrolled as researchers at the University of Tokyo

Do you have an employment contract with the University of Tokyo?

  • If you are a full-time teacher/staff member, you will join the mutual aid association.[Required]
  • Those who work more than three-quarters of full-time hours and days and whose period of employment is two months or more will join the Association Health Insurance(Kyokai kenpo).[Required]
  • Those who are not covered by the above will be enrolled in National Health Insurance on their own.[Required]
  • If your period of stay in Japan exceeds three months, you will be enrolled in the National Health Insurance system.[Required]
  • If your period of stay in Japan is less than three months, there is no insurance available through the university. Please purchase travel insurance before traveling to Japan.[Strongly recommended]

3.For visitors to the University of Tokyo

Although the University of Tokyo does not issue an identity card, if you will be conducting research or other activities at the University for a short period of time (less than three months), you must purchase travel insurance before you arrive in Japan. The University does not provide any insurance coverage.

Insurance for international students

National Health Insurance(NHI)

Japan has a national health insurance system under which the state pays part of the medical costs of citizens. All international students who are medium-to long-term residents (whose period of stay is three months or more) are required to join the National Health Insurance system. Enrolment procedures are carried out at the National Health Insurance section of the city (ward) office where you have registered as a resident. If you bring your residence card and complete the procedures, a National Health Insurance card (insurance card) will be issued immediately or mailed to you by post at a later date. The insurance premium is approximately 15,000 yen per year for a single person with no income. If you earn income through part-time work after coming to Japan, the premium for the following year may be increased. Scholarships are not regarded as income.
When a person presents his/her insurance card at the reception desk when visiting a medical institution, the National Health Insurance pays 70% of the treatment costs and the insured person pays the remaining 30%.When you go to a hospital or a clinic, do not forget to take your National Health Insurance Card with you.
When you get a job and join a different insurance policy, or when you return to your country, do not forget to complete the withdrawal procedure at the city (ward) office.

【Basic compensation】Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai)

This insurance pays medical, hospitalization, disability and death benefits for "injuries sustained by the subscriber during prescribed educational and research activities in Japan and abroad".
In order to improve the welfare of students, the University pays the insurance premiums and all students at the University are collectively enrolled in this insurance policy, Type A [death benefit of up to 20 million yen] and [a special clause to cover injury risks while commuting to and from the University]. (Students do not need to complete the enrolment procedures on their own.)

English version of the 2024 brochure
Chinese version of the 2024 brochure

【Additional insurance】Gakken disaster incidental liability insurance (incidental liability)(Gakkenbai)

This insurance can cover payments related to the liability to others and property damage accidents that are not covered by Gakkensai. Insurance will cover payment in case of damages such as injury to others or damage to expensive experimental equipment during education and research activities. There are two types of courses, and enrollment is optional and can be enrolled in the Student Affairs Team.

Course A: Student Education and Research Liability Insurance (abbreviated as "Gakken Liability", annual insurance premium of about 340 yen)

Course B: Liability Insurance for Internships, Professional Qualification Activities, etc. (abbreviated as "Intern-bai", annual insurance premium of about 210 yen)

【Additional insurance】Comprehensive Insurance for Student Lives Coupled with PAS for International Students(Inbound Futai Gakuso)

If you are about to enroll or are currently enrolled at the University of Tokyo, you are eligible to join the 'Inbound Futai Gakuso' policy. This insurance is based on the Gakkensai membership and is available in three subscription types: type A, B and C. (Types A and B are only available to national health insurers.) It covers all aspects of student life (including personal life: 24 hours a day and 365 days a year) that are not covered by Gakkensai, including injuries, illness and liability.
Inbound supplementary student insurance can be joined on a monthly basis according to the period of study abroad. We strongly recommend that you join the "Inbound Futai Gakuso" Insurance to reduce your burden in case of emergency.

Coverage includes

  • Personal liability - insurance will pay out if you are legally liable for damages caused by accidental injury or damage to other people's property in Japan or abroad.
  • Death and permanent disability - insurance will pay out if the student dies or suffers permanent disability as a result of a sudden and accidental external accident, both in Japan and abroad.
  • Medical treatment expenses - 30% of medical treatment expenses (co-payment not covered by the National Health Insurance) will be paid if the student is hospitalized or goes to hospital for more than one day due to injury or illness in Japan.
  • Rescue and other expenses - If a student is hospitalized for more than three days in Japan or abroad due to injury or illness, or if an aircraft or ship in which the student is traveling is in distress, the insurance will pay for transportation, accommodation and inquisitorial expenses.

For detailed coverage and premiums, see the brochure below. The brochure is also available at the counter of the Student Affairs Team of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.

English version of the 2024 brochure
Chinese version of the 2024 brochure

Application form (via smartphone or PC)

【Medical Assistance】 Inbound Medical Assistance Service (IMAS)

The University of Tokyo has commissioned a third party to provide an Inbound Medical Assistance Service (IMAS) for international students hosted at the University of Tokyo, which provides medical assistance in the event of injury or illness, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in English, Chinese and Japanese. The service is provided when the subscriber is in Japan. Most international students at the University can use the service free of charge, but you need to apply to use it. We strongly recommend applying for this service in case of emergency.

Service details

<Service by telephone>

  • 24-hour/365-day telephone advice.
  • Referrals to appropriate hospitals.
  • Interpretation at hospitals and on the move via telephone.
  • Contacting the university when necessary.

<Insurance for emergency expenses>

  • Arrangement of transfer to a medical institution in Japan or home country.
  • Contacting family members in the home country and providing various types of support, etc.

This is not medical insurance and cannot be used for treatment of illness or injury. Please make sure to take out appropriate insurance such as National Health Insurance separately.

Click here for service details and application form.

Insurance for car and bicycle riding.

People who drive cars or motorcycles should always have automobile insurance in Japan. This is because the amount of money to be paid to victims in case of an accident can be very high. Even when driving a car during vacations or trips, it is essential to have insurance. You can obtain coverage through regular insurance companies. Many international students use bicycles as a means of transportation. If you accidentally collide with someone and cause injuries while riding a bicycle in your daily life, you can receive compensation if you are enrolled in the above-mentioned inbound comprehensive insurance. If you plan to use a bicycle, it is recommended to join the Inbound Futai Gakuso insurance instead of individually purchasing bicycle insurance.

Private medical insurance products in Japan.

Even if your stay in Japan is within 3 months and you are unable to enroll in the National Health Insurance or Inbound Futai Gakuso insurance, some foreign nationals choose to join medical and life insurance products offered by Japanese life insurance companies. It is important to note that the university will not recommend specific companies, so individuals need to conduct their own research before making a decision. The explanations and contract documents for such insurance products are often in Japanese, which may require additional time for selecting an insurance provider. Therefore, it is highly advised to thoroughly enroll in overseas travel insurance before coming to Japan.

Mutual aid association(Kyosai Kumiai)

Mutual aid association(Kyosai Kumiai)

This coverage is a combination of health insurance and pension services, and it is available for faculty and staff employed at this university. The enrollment process is carried out at the designated university office. Similar to the National Health Insurance system, if you receive medical treatment at a healthcare facility, you only need to present your mutual aid union card at the reception desk, and you will be responsible for 30% of the total medical expenses. When your employment contract ends, please complete the withdrawal procedure at the university's designated office.

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