For students affiliated with the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences who wish to study abroad

There are two types of exchange programs offered by the University of Tokyo: the university-wide system, which allows students to apply regardless of the department they belong to, and the department-specific system. Studying abroad through the university's exchange program has the following advantages.

  • No need to take a leave of absence and complete the course in the standard term of study.
  • If you have taken courses related to your major at the graduate school of your study abroad destination, you can receive credit for those courses at the Graduate School by submitting a transcript of those courses.
  • If you do not take a leave of absence, you will be exempt from the obligation to pay tuition at your study abroad destination university.

You can study abroad for a maximum of one year. Students are responsible for their own housing, living expenses, insurance, and travel expenses.

University-wide exchange program

The university-wide system is mainly for undergraduate students who wish to earn credits, but graduate students may also apply. It takes about one year from the time of application to the start of study abroad, so if you wish to study abroad while enrolled in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, please allow sufficient time for preparation. The application period is twice a year, in April and October. For details, please visit the following website.

University-wide Exchange Program -- The University of Tokyo Go Global

List of partner institutions for university-wide exchange programs

For inquiries, please contact Student Affaires Section, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

Inter-departmental Exchange Program

The Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS) has concluded international academic exchange agreements with overseas universities to promote student and researcher exchange and joint research activities, and has established an exchange program. Before applying, please consult with your academic advisor regarding the timing and duration of your study abroad, the content of your research at your study abroad destination, credit recognition, and your plans for graduation. The maximum number of exchange students is determined by each partner institution. Applicants will be interviewed and recommended to the partner institution within the designated number of students within the Graduate School.

For inquiries, please contact International Liaison Office, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

University-wide short-term dispatch program

We also provide opportunities for students to experience overseas for short periods of time, such as during vacations.

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