Community Involvement

Activities in Kashiwa City

The University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus opens its laboratories and large-scale experimental facilities to the public every year in late October, with the aim of introducing research results produced on campus in an easy-to-understand manner and promoting understanding of the campus. The event is open to all ages, from children to the general public.

The "Program for Strengthening Coronavirus Testing Systems in Preparation for Tomorrow" is being implemented jointly by five parties, including the city of Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, and the Life Science Data Research Center, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.

Kashiwa-no-ha Public-Private-Academic Collaboration for City Development

The Urban Design Center Kashiwa-no-ha (UDCK) is a center for urban planning by realizing mass collaboration among public, private, and academic sectors in a community-driven manner.

The Integrated Environmental Design Program (IEDP) is a cross-disciplinary design education program established in 2007, consisting of eight studios and one omnibus lecture.

Since November 2019, the Kashiwa ITS Promotion Council has been conducting demonstration and testing of commercial automated buses on a 2.6 km section of road between Kashiwanoha Campus Station and the University of Tokyo's Kashiwa Campus.