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UTokyo GSF Student Won the MEXT Ministry Award at the National Presentation Meeting

Release:Nov 15, 2022 Update:Apr 5, 2024
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The University of Tokyo implements the University of Tokyo Global Science Campus(UTokyoGSC),the Japan Science and Technology Agency's program. The program aims to raise innovative science and technology experts who can design a future society from a global view. The program consists of two parts: In the first part, participants make a research plan in the steam workshop and other programs. In the second part, they perform research at laboratories that accept them at the University of Tokyo. This year, the Nonlinear Physics Group Laboratory in the Department of Complexity Science and Engineering, Kuninori Suzuki Lab. in the Department of Integrated Biosciences, and Tonokura Laboratory in the Department of Environment Systems accepted the participants.

On November 6, the JST Global Science Campus 2022 National Student Research Presentation Meeting was held. Mr. Tanaka Shodai, who was accepted at the Nonlinear Physics Group laboratory, won the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award.

For more detail, visit the University of Tokyo Website:

Japan Science and Technology Agency press release (Japanese) Nov. 7, 2022:
Global Science Campus(GSC)The 2022 National Student Research Presentation Meeting Announced the Awardees



Photo: The Nonlinear Physics Group Laboratory (From left to right) Professor KORI Hiroshi, Mr. TANAKA Shodai, Ms. OZAWA Ayumi (TA)