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Professor SUGIYAMA Masashi of Department of Complexity Science and Engineering Received the FIT2022 FUNAI Achievement Award

Release:Sep 15, 2022 Update:Oct 21, 2022
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Professor SUGIYAMA Masashi in the Department of Complexity Science and Engineering/Department of Computer Science, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology and Director of RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project received FIT 2022 FUNAI Achievement Award for his "Pioneering Research on Machine Learning".

In the 21st Forum on Information Technology (FIT2022) , he gave a commemorative lecture titled "Accurately, with Limited Data: For Farther Advancement of Machine Learning Research".

FUNAI Achievement Award:
This award is given by the Funai Foundation for Information Technology at Forum on Information Technology (FIT). For details on the award, click here:

Comments from Professor Sugiyama
I am honored to receive the FUNAI Achievement Award for my academic and its related achievements in information technology. I am grateful to all that supported me. In recent years, information technology, including artificial intelligence, is rapidly advancing and research development competitiveness is globally overheated. Japan also needs to promote activities multidimensionally; research, develop, and implement technology in society, and establish legal framework for it. I will continue to devote myself to development of this field.