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Mr. Dowaki Wins the Excellent Oral Presentation Award at the 51st Environmental Systems Research Meeting

Release:Dec 1, 2023 Update:Dec 1, 2023
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Mr. Taishi Dowaki, a master's course student in the Department of Environment Systems, won the Excellent Oral Presentation Award for Student at the 51st Annual Meeting of Environmental Systems Research.

Title of Presentation

Approximate Evaluation of Wind Conditions and Potentials for Wind Power Generation by Free GIS in Shinchi Town, Fukushima


Taishi Dowaki, Shotaro Ski, Yumi Okita, Yoriko Tsuchiya, Tomohiko Ihara

Research Content

To implement a wind power generation system, it is essential to determine the potential power output based on wind conditions, such as wind speed, at specific locations where wind turbines will be installed. Although this estimation is typically done by using meteorological models, it is difficult to use them each time before local governments install small wind turbines because of their complex handling and calculation. To address this challenge, we used the free geographic information system, QGIS, to estimate approximate wind conditions based on observation data from multiple locations in Shinchi Town, Fukushima, and calculated the approximate electricity generation capacity in case of interspersing small wind turbines in the town. Our study explored the relationship between the number of observation points and the accuracy of wind condition estimates. Additionally, our findings indicate that approximate but essential information for evaluating the potential of wind power generation, such as the power output at different locations within the town and power fluctuations over time, can be obtained.

Message from Awardee

This research was conducted as a part of the Seminar on Environmental Systems and the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Program, "Fostering Post-Disaster Knowledge Professionals through Sustainable Community Development by a Public-Private-Academic Partnership," with the cooperation of Shinchi Town, Fukushima, and the National Institute for Environmental Studies. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to the professors, co-authors, and people of Shinchi Town for their invaluable advice.


From left: Prof. Tomohiko Ihara, Taishi Dowaki, and Shotaro Seki

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