April 1998

The Graduate School of Frontier Sciences was established.

April 1999 The school received the first students.
March 2001 Biosciences Building completed the construction.
March 2002 Transdisciplinary Sciences Building completed the first phase of construction.
April 2003 Department of Computational Biology was established.
September 2003 Transdisciplinary Sciences Building completed the second phase of construction.
December 2003 Transdisciplinary Sciences Laboratory completed construction.
April 2004

Department of Medical Genome Sciences was established.

October 2004 Kashiwa Research Complex completed construction.
April 2005

Research Center for Total Life Health and Sports Sciences was established.

March 2006

Environmental Studies Building completed construction.

April 2008

-Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment and Omics Information Center were established.

-Department of Frontier Informatic was incorporated into the School of Engineering.

April 2009 Bioimaging Center was established.
April 2011 Functional Proteomics Center was established.
December 2011 UTokyo-JAXA Center for Composites (TJCC) was established.
April 2015 Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences was established.
April 2018

-Omics Information Center, Bioimaging Center, and Functional Proteomics Center were reorganized and merged into Life Science Data Research Center.

-UTokyo-JAXA Center for Composites (TJCC) was abolished.

June 2019 Kashiwa II Cooperation Hub completed construction.
March 2020 Research Center for Total Life Health and Sports Sciences was abolished.
April 2022 Sustainable Society Design Center was established.
1999 KASHIWA Campus
2001 Life Science Building completed.
2003 Transdisciplinary Science Building completed.
2003 Completed construction of the Fundamental Science Laboratory.
2006 Environmental Studies Building completed.
2022 KASHIWA Campus