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(Professor/Division of Biosciences)

Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences/Keywords: Full-length cDNA, Transcriptome, Transcriptional Start Site, Promoter

Career Summary

1994: Graduated, Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo.
1999: Doctor of Arts and Sciences from the University of Tokyo.
1999: Research Associate, RIKEN.
2001: Assistant Professor, the University of Tokyo.
2003: Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo.

Educational Activities

Graduate School: Advanced Genome Sciences

Research Activities

- Analysis of Transcriptional network.
- Molecular Evolution of Promoters.
- Development of New Methods for Transcriptome Analysis.


1. Tsuritani K, Irie T, Yamashita R, Sakakibara Y, Wakaguri H, Kanai A, Mizushima-Sugano J, Sugano S, Nakai K, Suzuki Y. (2007)
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2. Yamashita R, Suzuki Y, Wakaguri H, Tsuritani K, Nakai K, Sugano S. (2006)
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4. Suzuki Y, Sugano S. (2003)
Construction of a full-length enriched and a 5'-end enriched cDNA library using the oligo-capping method. Methods Mol Biol. 2003; 221:73-91.

Future Plan

We hope to achieve system-level understanding of the genomic code.

Messages to Students

Practice makes perfect. Do not be afraid of jumping into the World of Science!