GSFS Faculty

WADA Ryota

(Associate Professor/Division of Environmental Studies)

Department of Ocean Technology, Policy and Environment/Ocean Industrial Science and Technology

Career Summary

2001-2005: Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo (B.Eng.)
2005-2007: School of Engineering, University of Tokyo (M.Eng.)
2007-2010: Mitsubishi Corporation
2010-2013: School of Engineering, University of Tokyo (PhD)
2013-2015: Project Researcher at RIODEUT lab, University of Tokyo
2015-2018: Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo
2018-2020: Lecturer, University of Tokyo
2020-present: Associate Professor, University of Tokyo

Educational Activities

Graduate school:Ocean Industry Development, Special Lecture on Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment I

Research Activities

1) Ocean Industrial Science and Technology
2) Extremes and Uncertainty of Ocean Environment
3) Fusion of ocean engineering and technology innovation


1) Wada, R., Rohmer, J., Krien, Y., & Jonathan, P. (2022). Statistical estimation of spatial wave extremes for tropical cyclones from small data samples: validation of the STM-E approach using long-term synthetic cyclone data for the Caribbean Sea. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 22(2), 431-444. 2) Wada, R., & Waseda, T. (2020). Assessment of Data-Inherited Uncertainty in Extreme Wave Analysis. Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, 142(2). 3) Wada, R., Kaneko, T., Ozaki, M., Inoue, T., & Senga, H. (2018). Longitudinal natural vibration of ultra-long drill string during offshore drilling. Ocean Engineering, 156, 1-13. 4) 和田良太,高木健 (2016). 我が国の海洋開発力強化と協創プラットフォームについて. 日本船舶海洋工学会論文集, 24, 259-273. 5) Wada, R., Waseda, T., & Jonathan, P. (2016). Extreme value estimation using the likelihood-weighted method. Ocean Engineering, 124, 241-251.

Other Activities

Member of Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (JASNAOE), Oceanographic Society of Japan

Future Plan

Commercialization, together with further technology development, is inevitable to secure sustainable ocean development with scale. We aim to enhance our two main research activities, "Ocean Industrial Science and Technology" and "Fusion of ocean engineering and technology innovation" through close communication with industry.

Messages to Students

Curiosity and intelligence is inevitable to become a pioneer of the vast ocean.