Prospective Students

General Entrance Examination, Special selection for applicants with overseas education

The Graduate School of Frontier Sciences holds entrance examinations twice a year, in summer and winter. Students select a desired faculty member and Department, who will provide research guidance during their program, and take the entrance examination conducted by that Department. Some Departments and programs hold the entrance examination only once a year. Please carefully check the entrance examination schedule for each department and your desired admission period before deciding when to take the examinations. We recommend that you participate in the entrance examination information sessions held by each department.

Application Submission Deadline Entrance examination Result announcement Enrollment Period
Entrance Examination Schedule A (Summer) Late Juner July - August Early September In principle, April of the following year.
October of the same year is also an option.
Entrance Examination Schedule B (Winter) Late November January - February Mid-February In principle, April of the same year.
October of the same year is also an option for some Departments.

Many majors and programs encourage applicants to contact the faculty member of their choice in advance to discuss their research plans and application schedule before applying. There are 2 documents that candidates should read carefully: the "Guidelines to Master Course" applicable to all Departments and programs, published by the Graduate School, and the "Entrance Examination Guide" published by the major or Department they wish to enter. Please follow the appropriate application procedures.

In the "Special selection for applicants with overseas education," you can take the examination in English.
If you are a foreign national, you will be informed about the visa application process upon announcement of your acceptance. It usually takes about 3 months from the start of the procedure to entry into Japan.

For detailed information about the entrance examinations, "Guidelines to Master Course" "Entrance Examination Guide," etc., please visit the following links

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