For UTokyo Undergraduate Students, Komaba - College of Arts and Sciences

UTSIP Kashiwa 2023 - For Undergraduate Students from The University of Tokyo, Komaba - College of Arts and Sciences

The University of Tokyo Summer Internship Program in Kashiwa, initially only for undergraduate students from overseas universities, has been accepting applications from undergraduate students of the College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo since 2016.

UTSIP Kashiwa

  • provides insights into research internship opportunities in the fields of natural sciences and social sciences.
  • offers lectures from world-leading researchers at GSFS.
  • will be a three-week summer program for academically motivated undergraduate students.
  • provides various activities online in which students can interact virtually with participants from other laboratories.

All participants will be assigned to a laboratory in which he/she is interested to work in and will conduct a research project under the guidance of a faculty member or senior graduate students. Each laboratory has at least one (1) UTSIP participant from an overseas university.

Please check the comments regarding previous UTSIPs. ➡ UTSIP Leaflet UTSIP Introduction Video

Application Procedures

Step 1 Choose a professor/laboratory to work in from the host laboratory list
Step 2 Apply via email by attaching three (3) application documents and mentioning the laboratory of your preference in the email.

1. Program period

UTSIP Kashiwa 2023 will offer two program with different schedule:

Program A May 29, 2023 - July 14, 2023 (47 days)
Program B June 19, 2023 - August 4, 2023 (47 days)

2. Eligibility

  • Applicants must be undergraduate students from The University of Tokyo, College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Participants must participate in all online activities including classes, laboratory work, and special virtual events organized by UTSIP.

3. List of host laboratories

Host laboratories which will receive Undergraduate students from UTokyo College of Arts and Sciences are as shown in the link below.

Undergraduate students from UTokyo College of Arts and Sciences can choose up to three laboratories which the UTSIP students are allocated in.

List of laboratories:
Program A Laboratories list
Program B Laboratories list

4. Application materials

◆ Cover letter (in English)

Answer the following question within 500 to 600 words:

Why did you choose the laboratory that you did, and what do you hope to acquire from the UTSIP experience? Be specific.

◆ Curriculum vitae (in English)

No format restrictions (paper size A4, within 1-2 pages).

If you have participated in a research project related to the project you would like to conduct in UTSIP, please include this.

◆ Copy of your transcript (in Japanese)

The transcript should cover all the courses of your undergraduate level study up to the most recent completed academic period of study, and must be written in Japanese.

5. Application deadline

Deadline: April 26 (Wed), 2023 by 5:00pm.

No application will be accepted after the deadline.

6. How to Apply

Apply via e-mail to (*Please note that @ is displayed as an image to prevent SPAM.) and attach the three (3) application documents.

Include the laboratory of your preference in your email.

Write "Application for UTSIP Kashiwa 2023: Undergraduate students of College of Arts and Sciences, UTokyo" on your e-mail subject line.

7. Results

Successful candidates will be determined through a comprehensive assessment of all submitted application materials. All applicants will be notified of the assessment result by email in early May 2023.

UTSIP Kashiwa 2023 will be offered as a course of "Global Praxis" and can be registered in the course registration system of the College of Arts and Sciences; thus participants are able to acquire credits upon successful completion of the program.

8.Financial Aid

UTSIP Kashiwa 2023 participation fees are waived. Participants can join activities and events for free during the UTSIP period.
Scholarship will not be provided by UTSIP, but accommodation will be provided.

Please check the schedule (subject to change).