Visiting Lectures

GSFS Visiting Lectures

In response to the coronavirus infection, only online lectures will be accepted. Please note that in principle, recording is prohibited. In addition, please be prepared to set up the online system in advance.

As part of its social contribution activities, GSFS offers lectures on advanced science and technology in an easy-to-understand manner at the request of elementary, junior high, and high schools. We call this "visiting" lectures. Even though the lectures are cutting-edge, they are easy to understand and tailored to the audience, so please feel free to apply. If you wish to attend a lecture at our Kashiwa campus as part of your training, please apply to the Graduate School Office for a tour.

For elementary, junior high, and high schools, no lecture fee is required. However, it’s required to pay for faculty member’s transportation fee (including daily allowance and accommodation). If the scale of the project is large and wishes to have more than one faculty member to the same project, please consult with us separately. Please note that there may be difficulty to deliver the lecture you request due to availibility of faculty members.
The use of this site for advertising or commercial activities is strictly prohibited.
Please consult with us about whether or not you can take photos.

Please note that due to the schedule of events at the university or the availability of faculty members, it may not be possible to give the lecture at the time you have requested.