Universal Mechanism of Creating Cosmic Magnetic Field

Release:Aug 31, 2010
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The universe is filled with "vortexes" (such as galaxies, accretion disks, stars and planetary systems, etc.) that clump and wind-up with magnetic fields. Strikingly absent in this rich narrative of growth and evolution of the cosmic systems, is a satisfactory "universal" mechanism that could have generated the original seed magnetic field. Exploiting the space-time distortion inherent in relativistic dynamics, we have unearthed just the mechanism that, by breaking the topological constraint forbidding the emergence of magnetic fields (vortexes), allows "general vorticities" --naturally coupled vortexes of matter motion and magnetic fields-- to be created in an ideal fluid. The newly postulated relativistic mechanism, arising from the interaction between the inhomogeneous flow fields and inhomogeneous entropy, may be an attractive universal solution to the origin problem.