Double-parabolic-reflectors acoustic waveguides for high-power medical ultrasound

Release:Dec 9, 2019
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High intensity focused ultrasound therapeutics are widely used to noninvasively treat various types of primary tumors and metastasis. However, ultrasound penetration depth is shallowed with increasing frequency which limits the therapeutic accuracy for deep tissues. Although acoustic waveguides are commonly inserted into tissue for localized therapy, powerful ultrasound delivery is difficult. Here, we invent double-parabolic-reflectors acoustic waveguides, where high-power ultrasound emission and large mechanical vibration enhance the therapeutic efficiency. High-energy-density ultrasound with around 20 times amplification by two parabolic reflectors propagates through the thin waveguide between 1 to 2?MHz, and wideband large mechanical vibration at the waveguide tip from 1?kHz to 2.5?MHz accelerates the therapeutics. This fundamental work serves as a milestone for future biomedical applications, from therapeutics to diagnostics. Since the high-power ability at high frequencies, our waveguide will also open up new research fields in medical, bio, physics and so on.



Kang Chen, Takasuke Irie, Takashi Iijima & Takeshi Morita*,"Double-parabolic-reflectors acoustic waveguides for high-power medical ultrasound",Scientific Reports,s41598-019-54916-2