Honjo International Scholarship Foundation (Fall scholarship) / Deadline: April 30 (Sat), 2022

Release:Mar 28, 2022
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Scholarship for GSFS International Students

Application Deadline April 1 (Fri) - April 30 (Sat), 2022
*Directly apply to the foundation
(1) Non-Japanese nationals
(2) Privately financed international students being enrolled in a graduate school in Japan in September  2022, or planning to enroll in September 2022.
*Those planning to enroll in Spring 2023 are not eligible.
(3) Those who have more than one year left until graduation.
(4) Doctoral Course students starting/ having started their course before becoming 35 years old; Master's Course Students before becoming 30 years old.
(5) Those who can commit themselves to working in their home country after graduation, and actively take part in foundations events and the alumni network.
(6) Those who are able to communicate well in Japanese. Interviews will be conducted in Japanese.
*For details, see the foundation website.
Amount Scholarship period will be set in accordance with the shortest period to complete your degree course. Changing the scholarship period is not possible.

1. Duration of 1-2 year with 200,000 JPY/month
2. Duration of 3 years with 180,000 JPY/month
3. Duration of 4-5 years with 150,000 JPY/month
Apply To Applicants should apply online from the foundation's WEB application system.