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Release:Sep 2, 2020
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Scholarship for GSFS International Students

Application Deadline September 30 (Wed), 2020
*Apply directly to the Foundation
(1) Privately financed International Students having a "College Students" visa.
(2) Studying at a university located in the same prefecture as each venue. Miyagi: Miyagi prefecture, Tokyo: Tokyo (prefecture), Nagoya: Aichi prefecutre, Kyoto: Prefectures belonging to Kinki area, Fukuoka: Fukuoka prefecture
(3) Those who are able to attend the award ceremony on December 5th (Sat).
(4) Those who submit an essay.
For details, please see the Association Website.
Amount : Up to 4 books within the total amount of 20,000 yen
Duration : April 2020 to March 2021
Apply To Submit all necessary application materials to the Foundation directly.  Guidelines and application forms are available on the foundation website.