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Release:Sep 9, 2020
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Scholarship for GSFS International Students

Application Deadline September 16 (Wed), 2020
(1) Privately financed international students who will be enrolled at GSFS as a 1st or 2nd year masters course student, or a 2nd or 3rd year doctoral course student as of April 2021 and will study with a "college students" visa status.
(2) Those who were born after April 1, 1976 (under 45 years old).
(3) Those who do not receive any other scholarships.
(4) Those who have not received the Yoneyama scholarship before.
(5) Those who have excellent academic performance and international understanding as well as good communication skill, also are in good health.
(6) Those who are able to attend a monthly meeting without fail and participate in other events organized by the foundation, which your supervisor from April should consent to.
(7) Those who are able to attend the award ceremony to be held sometime between mid-April and early May with your supervisor from April.
* Interviews will be conducted in Japanese after the successful document screening.

For details, be sure to check the foundation guidelines (only in Japanese).

Amount : 140,000/month
Duration : depending on your enrollment timing and standard program duration. See the guidelines.
# of applicants to be recommended 3
Apply To Applicants must submit the following documents to ILO via email.

(1) Application Form for Scholarship from private Foundations
(2) Transcript of your current course (or your previous course if you have not obtained any credits.)
(3) Copy of your student ID card
(4) Copy of you residence card

Before submitting your application, be sure to read Steps to apply.

Applicants who passed the GSFS internal screening will be required to submit other documents stated in the guideline.