JASSO Honors Scholarship for privately financed international students (Special slots) / Application Closed

Release:Sep 16, 2020
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Scholarship for GSFS International Students

Application Deadline September 24(Thu), 2020 by 17:00
Eligibility Please see the Application Guideline.
Scholarship Amount :48,000 JPY
Duration: October 2020 (1 Month)
Apply to Applicants must mail the original with hand-written signature of (1), and e-mail all data file of (1) to (8)  to the International Liaison Office.

(1) JASSO Application form: Original with hand-written signature, and Excel file
(2) Applicants Data Sheet (Two sheets of �@Applicant Data and �AGPA must be filled up) : Excel file
(3) 民間奨学金申請調書Minkanshougakukinshinseichousho: Word or PDF file
(4) Academic transcript of your current course (or your previous course if no credits have been obtained yet) :PDF file
(5) Copy of Japanese or English Proficiency Test score: PDF file
(6) Copy of Residence Card (both sides.): PDF file
(7) Copy of Student ID card: PDF file
(8) Copy of Yucho Bank passbook (Cover and the 1st page where account information are).
Those who passed the GSFS internal screening will be required to visit the International Liaison Office for a signature on October 1st or 2nd.