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Release:Oct 1, 2020
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Scholarship for GSFS International Students

Application Deadline October 1 (Thu) - October 31 (Sat) 2020
*Apply directly to the FoundationDepending on the number of applications, the deadline can be moved up.
(1) Privately funded International Students studying as a regular student at undergraduate or masters program, who will stay with College Student residencial status,  as of April 2021.
Those who are studying or conducting research on agriculture in relation to marketing, local communities, administrative systems applicable to employment, entrepreneurship, business development, management, etc. in developing countries
Those who are studying or conducting research on agriculture in developing countries and
Those who are interested in improving the standard of living in developing countries or regions
Those who are interested in the business of processing, selling, distributing, and storing
agricultural produce
(3) n April 2021, those who are 30 years old or younger (undergraduate), or 35 years old or younger (graduate).
(4) Those who are of sound mind and body with a history of excellent academic performance
(5) Those who are willing to contribute to the development of their own country by making use oftheir study abroad in Japan and future research and experience
(6) Those who have a clear purpose or plan for their research and the effectiveness of the results of their studies can be relied on
For other eligibility criteria, see the foundation guidelines.
Amount : 120,000 Yen/month (graduate)
Duration : From April 2021 max 2 years
Apply To Submit all necessary application materials to the Foundation directly.  Guidelines and application forms are available on the foundation website.