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Release:Dec 1, 2020
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Scholarship for GSFS International Students

Application Deadline December 7th (Mon), 2020
(1) Those who are a national of Myanmar, studying at GSFS as of April 1st、2021
(2) Those who are under 35 years old.
(3) Those who are able to attend events held by the foundation during the scholarship period.
(4) Those who can  actively participate in exchange activities as alumni after the scholarship period.
(5) Those who have acquired JPNL N4 or higher level.
(6) Research theme of PhD students must be related to the Japanese language education or the promotion of education reform in Myanmar.
For details, check the foundation guideline carefully. (only in Japanese)
Amount : 70,000 ~ 110,000/month
Duration : April 2021 to the end of standard study period for completing a degree course
# of applicants to be recommended all applicants meeting the eligibility criteria
Apply To Applicants must submit the following documents to ILO.
Application Form should be printed single-sided and should not be stapled.

(1) Application Form for Scholarship from private Foundations
(2) Transcript of your current course (or your previous course if you have not obtained any credits.)
(3) Application form and recommendation letter
(4) Copy of your residence card (both sides)
(5) GPA Certificate
(6) Certificate of Enrollment