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Scalable Fabrication of Organic Single-Crystalline Wafers for Reproducible TFT Arrays

Release:Nov 5, 2019
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Building on significant developments in materials science and printing technologies, organic semiconductors (OSCs) promise an ideal platform for the production of printed electronic circuits. However, whether their unique solution-processing capability can facilitate the reliable mass manufacture of integrated circuits with reasonable areal coverage, and to what extent mass production of solution-processed electronic devices would allow substantial reductions in manufacturing costs, remain controversial. In the present study, we successfully manufactured a 4-inch (c.a. 100?mm) organic single-crystalline wafer via a simple, one-shot printing technique, on which 1,600 organic transistors were integrated and characterized. Owing to their single-crystalline nature, we were able to verify remarkably high reliability and reproducibility, with mobilities up to 10?cm2 V?1 s?1, a near-zero turn-on voltage, and excellent on-off ratio of approximately 107. This work provides a critical milestone in printed electronics, enabling industry-level manufacturing of OSC devices concomitantly with lowered manufacturing costs.



Shohei Kumagai, Akifumi Yamamura, Tatsuyuki Makita, Junto Tsurumi, Ying Ying Lim, Takahiro Wakimoto, Nobuaki Isahaya, Han Nozawa, Kayoko Sato, Masato Mitani, Toshihiro Okamoto, Shun Watanabe & Jun Takeya,"Scalable Fabrication of Organic Single-Crystalline Wafers for Reproducible TFT Arrays",Scientific Reports,10.1038/s41598-019-50294-x