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High‐Speed Organic Single‐Crystal Transistor Responding to Very High Frequency Band

Release:Feb 6, 2020
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Although high carrier mobility organic field‐effect transistors (OFETs) are required for high‐speed device applications, improving the carrier mobility alone does not lead to high‐speed operation. Because the cut‐off frequency is determined predominantly by the total resistance and parasitic capacitance of a transistor, it is necessary to miniaturize OFETs while reducing these factors. Depositing a dopant layer only at the metal/semiconductor interface is an effective technique to reduce the contact resistance. However, fine‐patterning techniques for a dopant layer are still challenging especially for a top‐contact solution‐processed OFET geometry because organic semiconductors are vulnerable to chemical damage by solvents. In this work, high‐resolution, damage‐free patterning of a dopant layer is developed to fabricate short‐channel OFETs with a dopant interlayer inserted at the contacts. The fabricated OFETs exhibit high mobility exceeding 10 cmV?1 s?1 together with a reasonably low contact resistance, allowing for high frequency operation at 38 MHz. In addition, a diode‐connected OFET shows a rectifying capability of up to 78 MHz at an applied voltage of 5 V. This shows that an OFET can respond to the very high frequency band, which is beneficial for long‐distance wireless communication.



Title: High‐Speed Organic Single‐Crystal Transistor Responding to Very High Frequency Band
Publication: Advanced Functional Materials
Author:Akifumi Yamamura,Takaaki Sakon,Kayo Takahira,Takahiro Wakimoto, Mari Sasaki,Toshihiro Okamoto,Shun Watanabe* and Jun Takeya*
Date: 05 February 2020