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New details of Tully monster revealed: 3D scanning of enigmatic fossil may have brought an end to debate about whether it is a vertebrate or invertebrate

Release:Apr 17, 2023 Update:Apr 17, 2023
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Professor Wataru Iwasaki of the Department of Integrated Biosciences in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences led the research project.

The University of Tokyo Press Release (April 17, 2023)


Puclication: Palaeontology

Title: Three-dimensional anatomy of the Tully monster casts doubt on its presumed vertebrate affinities

Authors: Tomoyuki Mikami, Takafumi Ikeda, Yusuke Muramiya, Tatsuya Hirasawa, Wataru Iwasaki

DOI: 10.1111/pala.12646


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