New Year's Holiday Closure of Student Affairs Team and Automatic Certificate Issuing Machines

Release:Dec 6, 2022 Update:Dec 6, 2022
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Dear GSFS students,

Student Affairs Team, GSFS will be closed during the following period for New Year's Holiday and will open again at 10am, January 5, 2023.

<Student Affairs Team Closure Days>
 December 28, 2022 -  January 4, 2023

<Non-operating days of Automatic Certificate Issuing Machines>
  December 29, 2022 -  January 3, 2023

* If you need any certificates including Student Travel Discount Certificates (Gakuwarisho), please obtain them well in advance before
the closure days.
* Student ID card registered for the building entrance system is required to enter the university building during the holiday period
from December 28, 2022 to January 4, 2023.
* Only certificates for GSFS students are issuable at Student Affairs Team, GSFS.

The office hours are [weekdays 10am to 12pm / 1pm to 4pm].