【Latest Update】Information from The Immigration Services Agency of Japan

Release:May 14, 2020
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As of May 12, 2020, The Immigration Services Agency of Japan has updated information on various application procedures for status of residence.

1)Applications for permission to change status of residence and renewal of period of stay are accepted up to three months after the expiration date for foreign national currently residing in Japan with expiration dates in May, June or July.

2)The period for receipt of the results (change of status of residence, issuance of a residence card, etc.)for foreign nationals currently residing in Japan and whose application for change of residential status or extension of the period of stay have been accepted, have also been extended for a further three months in addition to the usual two months after the expiration date.

3)The Immigration Services Agency of Japan is restricting entry into its premises to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infections. You might have to wait awhile outside until you are allowed to enter. It is highly advisable to use Legal Professional Corporation IMS, who are under contract with the University of Tokyo to provide visa consultation services, to handle your application for change of status of residence.

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