The 4th Rice Cake Making Festival

Release:Jan 22, 2013
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The 4th Rice Cake Making Festival (mochitsuki taikai) hosted by GSFS was held on Saturday, January 12th.

The first rice cake pounding was done by the present dean and the new dean of GSFS from April, while the GSFS General Manager was turning and moistening the rice in the traditional mortar. This year, there were 16 team entries from GSFS, ISSP, ICCR, AORI, and international students who decided to join in too. Those teams made various types of mochi (rice cakes), such as plain mochi, tochi mochi (pounded together by horse chestnuts), and mochi mixed with black beans. Some people enjoyed traditional Japanese New Year games such as tako-age (kite flying) and hanetsuki (traditional games similar to badminton with wooden rackets and without a net) in the new open field. Participants included faculty members and staff, Japanese students, international students, and children. It amounted to more than 250 people. Everyone had a great time enjoying this New Year event on the Kashiwa campus.




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