(Important) Department Guidance Schedules, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, April 2020

Release:Mar 30, 2020
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To all students enrolled in April,2020

Regarding the Department Guidance in April,
the schedule and implementation method have changed as attached.各専攻入学ガイダンス(再修正版).pdf

※The description about the department guidance of  Computational
   Biology and Medical Sciences and International Studies has changed.

○ For infection prevention of COVID-19:
    If Physical condition is not good due to symptoms such as cold,
    Don't force yourself to join the guidance.
    In such a case, Please consult the contact person of the department.

○We would like all students who have returned to/entered Japan on or after
 March 1, irrespective of their medical condition, to stay at home for 14 days
 from the date following their return/entry to Japan. Students who are in this
 period cannot join the guidance.