KUBOTA-TODAI Lab. Held "Look Todai" Meeting

Release:Oct 4, 2022 Update:Oct 11, 2022
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The University of Tokyo and Kubota Corporation jointly started the Kubota-Todai Lab. as a business-academia project to seek "What we can do now for the Earth 100 years later" on December 1, 2021. The activity named "Look Todai" was held at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences on September 13, 2022, aiming for Kubota employees to get general ideas of our university's research, as the first step to draw the roadmap of the project to start actual actions. There were about 40 participants including online audience from Kubota. Dean of the GSFS introduced our school and professors made presentations on their research at the Kashiwa Campus Station Satellite in the morning session. Divided into three groups, the participants visited five laboratories on the Kashiwa Campus in the afternoon session. At the end of the event, they enthusiastically exchanged opinions at the Media Hall of the Kashiwa Library.


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