The New Year Rice cake Making Festival!

Release:Dec 11, 2014
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Dear Students, Faculty members and Staff


GSFS will host the 6th Mochitsuki Taikai (Rice Cake Making Festival) celebrating the start of the New Year 2015!

The number of participants has been expanding year by year, and we expect more people to come and enjoy the festival in 2014. Various types of mochi (rice cakes), such as plain mochi, tochi mochi (tochi is the Japanese horse chestnut) and mochi mixed with black beans will be served. We also have some traditional Japanese New Year games such as koma (top spinning), tako-age (kite flying), and hanetsuki (traditional game similar to badminton without a net) to make the festival even more enjoyable.

The best part of Rice Cake Making is that the kneaded dough-like rice sticks together, yet can transform itself by pulling or stretching it. The Rice Cake symbolizes the interdisciplinary nature of GSFS where challenges enable students to “stretch” their abilities and “transform” themselves into something new and wonderful.
Let's all hope for the further progress of our research and the development of GSFS, and enjoy the beginning of the New Year by making Rice Cake together at the outset of New Year. 
We welcome all the students, faculty members and staff in the Kashiwa campus!


Nobuo Takeda
Dean, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo



January 10th Saturday in 2015

11:00-14:00 Rice-cake making

No happy hour. Feel free to bring your own alcoholic drinks.
Those who pound rice cake have to be alcohol-free for public safety. Enjoy alcohol after the hard work of rice cake making!
We welcome all the students, faculty members and staff in Kashiwa campus!

Plaza IKOI (Rice-cake maiking will be held in front of the Plaza IKOI.)

・・・Plaza IKOI is not open for regular service on the day.


500 yen

Rice cake served with sweet red bean paste, grated radish with soy sauce and sprinkled with soy flour, Miso soup with pork and vegetables, pickles, free soft drink refill.



Application for groups

We look for groups of more than seven people. Get together with your friends or colleagues in your lab or circle for a fun time!
Access the group application form [ ] entitled “group entry”.
>>>the group application form (ricecake-group.xls


Application for individuals

Access the individual application form [ ] entitled “individual entry”.  Please apply in advance so that we can determine the number of participants and make the proper arrangements.
>>>the individual application form (ricecake-entry.xls) 


Please apply in advance so that you can registrate quickly on the day, and also we can determine the number of participants for making the proper arrangements.