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Release:Oct 19, 2018
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I am pleased to announce that 20th Anniversary Symposium entitled "Transdisciplinarity Advances the Creation of New Frontiers of Science -- GSFS's 20 Year Past and 20 Year Future --" will be held on 31th October at Kashiwa campus as bellow.


【Exhibition Schedule】

Oct 31 (Wed)  10:00-15:00  (FS Hall, Lounge & Gallery space of Env. Bldg. at Kashiwa campus)

Part 1 Poster session 10:00-12:50 (FS Hall, Lounge & Gallery space of Env Bldg.)

     Flash talk and poster presentation by Faculties and students of GSFS members    

Part 2 Symposium  12:50-15:00 (FS hall of Env Bldg.)

     Keynote lecture and presentations by Div of Transdisciplinary Sciences,

     Div of Biosciences, and  Div of Environmental Studies.

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