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Ms. NEMOTO Mio and the Research Members at IHATA Lab. in the Department of Environment Systems Won the Best Poster Award at the 17th Annual Meeting of the Heat Island Institute International

Release:Oct 31, 2022 Update:Nov 22, 2022
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Ms. NEMOTO Mio, a doctoral course student in the Department of Environ Systems Associate Professor IHARA Tomohikoand the research members won the Best Poster Award at the 17th Annual Meeting of the Heat Island Institute International (September 16-18, 2022, at Chiba University).

Authors NEMOTO Mio, HIRABAYASHI Satoshi, SATO Seisho, FUJII Akihiro, NOJIRI Hidetoshi, IHARA Tomohiko

Evaluation Comparison of Heatstroke Risk Models of Time-Stratified Case-Crossover Analysis and Other Multiple Methods

Awarded Research Since heatstroke risk models tend to be affected by machine learning data, Ms. Nemoto and her team developed multiple models robust against data influence, including a time-stratified case-crossover design, compared the accuracy and verified error factors of each model. The study clarified that generalized additive models (GAM) and linear models get affected by training data on the number of "extremely hot days," but models using the time-stratified case-crossover analysis were the least affected by training data. In addition, when using data from the past 3-4 years, including the latest one, the analysis results tend to be the most accurate.

Comments from Ms. Nemoto:
When you work on research, you find joy when you discover something or expected results come out, but you also live every day fighting fears and doubts. As I struggled with modeling this time, the award encouraged me a lot to continue my research. I am so grateful for all support from my supervisor, the co-authors, the laboratory members, and my family. I will keep making efforts in my research, hoping it will be helpful to society.