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Professor KAWAMURA Shoji Received the 22nd Eminent Evolutionalist Award and Kimura Motoo Award

Release:Aug 8, 2022 Update:Aug 25, 2022
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Professor KAWAMURA Shoji at Department of Integrated Biosciences has received:

Comment from Professor KAWAMURA Shoji:

"Evolution" is the center of my academic interest. I have a deep attachment to the Society of Evolutionary Studies because I have regularly participated in the Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan from the former entity and was one of the founder of the society when it was established in 1999. When I was a graduate student, I had opportunities to attend Professor KIMURA Motoo's lectures and the neutral theory of molecular evolution has been my research backbone. Therefore, I am very much honored to receive the Eminent Evolutionalist Award and the Kimura Motoo Award. Moreover, I am newly determined to continue devote myself in research and will contribute to evolutionary studies.


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