Mr. S. Hiraiwa Won the Best PhD Talk Award at APDRC 2023

Release:Oct 26, 2023 Update:Nov 7, 2023
  • Honors & Awards

Mr. Shotaro Hiraiwa, a third-year doctoral course student at the Laboratory of Innovational Biology, Department of Integrated Biosciences, won the Best PhD Talk Award at the Asia Pacific Drosophila Research Conference, held in Cairns, Australia from July 23-27, 2023.


Awarded Research:

Live Imaging Analysis of Cellular and ECM Dynamics in the Final Shape Formation of Drosophila Adult Leg

Shotaro Hiraiwa, Tensho Terano, Shumpei Takeshita, Tetsuya Kojima

This research analyzed the process of the shape formation of a Drosophila's adult leg after the cell properties were determined, through long-term live imaging techniques. It showed a process of a previously unknown dynamic shape formation: the final shape is formed after the transient expressions and disappearance of special structures that were previously unknown; the significant role of the extracellular matrix on the surface and the base of cells.  


Message from Awardee:

I am grateful that many researchers highly recognized and showed interest in the research on the process of cellular and ECM dynamics in shape formation. Encouraged by this award, I will continue to strive for my research.