Prof. Hiroshi Okuda Received Commendation of Achievement 2022 from JSIAM

Release:Jul 3, 2023 Update:Sep 8, 2023
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Professor Hiroshi Okuda received a commendation for his achievement for FY 2022 from the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (JSIAM) and the report was made at the JSIAM online annual meeting on June 23.

The 12th Commendation for Achievement from the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (JSIAM)   (FY 2022)
Development, publication, and industrial application of a parallel finite element analysis program FrontISTR

OKUDA Hiroshi, Professor, Department of Human & Engineered Environmental Studies, the GSFS

Message from Awardee:

The advantage of FrontISTR, a structural analysis solver by finite element method, is that it has extremely high functions compared to major commercial software that has lagged behind parallel processing technology. The source cord is open to the public, and industry users can add functions as they wish. It is also used for university classes. Besides, I founded a general incorporated association, FrontISTR Commons, for development and distribution in April 2018 and have managed it since. I could not receive this commendation without the support of so many people over a long time. I will continue to make even greater efforts to enhance the functions of the software and its distribution in order that I may deserve this honor.


For details on the commendation and the research achievement, visit the website of the Japan Society for Industrial.

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