Research Ethics Guidance ( For Students )

Regarding Research Ethics Guidance

In the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, in order to ensure understanding and thorough general awareness of research ethics and the Graduate School’s "Research Ethics Guidelines", research ethics guidance (simplified version and detailed version) will be conducted along with an understanding test for students.
Students will be required to attend both the simplified version and detailed version of ethics guidance and to score higher than a passing grade on the understanding test to submit a thesis.
In addition, students from the Graduate School master's program advancing to doctoral programs also must attend the guidance again after enrollment as well as score higher than a passing grade on the understanding test, otherwise you will not be able to submit a thesis.
Guidance is carried out by department, and students are expected to attend during the periods listed below. Please check the specific time table with each department academic affairs committee. There will be guidance offered in English at the Graduate School for foreign students who do not understand Japanese.

(1) Simplified version of guidance: Attend at the time of enrollment and advancement.
(2) Detailed version of guidance: Attend six months after enrollment and advancement.
(3) Understanding Test: Held after the detailed version of guidance. A passing grade is a score of 70 or higher.

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