Departments & research keywords

Transdisciplinary Sciences

  • Advanced Materials Science

    We cultivate tomorrow's leaders in material science for the world through a hands-on program of transdisciplinary material science research and education led by our diverse team of instructors in an excellent environment for research.

    • Solid state physics
    • Optical science
    • Applied chemistry
    • New materials
    • Materials design
  • Advanced Energy

    We take a comprehensive transdisciplinary approach to exploration of fields that promise to contribute to energy science and technology in the future, including space energy, electric energy, and plasma/nuclear fusion energy.

    • Space development
    • Electric vehicles
    • Superconductivity
    • Energy
    • Plasma
    • Nuclear fusion
  • Complexity Science and Engineering

    Through collaboration among leading-edge fields of mathematical, brain/bio, nano, plasma, and planetary sciences, we foster scientists and engineers with advanced expertise and broad vision?the type of leaders needed for this era of selection and concentration.

    • Complex systems
    • Mathematics/informatics
    • Brain/bio
    • Extreme matter
    • Nano
    • Nuclear fusion
    • Astrobiology


  • Integrated Biosciences

    Our diverse team of instructors seeks to create the next generation of life sciences?spanning basic to applied research?by employing many different species and advanced technologies that range from the molecular level to the level of organisms and populations.

    • Life science
    • Diversity
    • Evolution
    • Health
    • Cancer
    • Food
    • Bioresource
  • Computational Biology and Medical Sciences

    The objectives of our department are to lead the way in information-oriented life science while significantly contributing to life innovation, and to cultivate personnel capable of translating the results in the clinical setting.

    • Cancer
    • Genomics
    • Basic life sciences
    • Synthetic biology
    • Biological systems
    • Medical science/care
    • Translational research
    • Drug discovery
    • Bioinformatics
    • Biological databases
    • Systems biology

Environmental Studies

  • Natural Environmental Studies

    We pursue education and research aimed at expanding human understanding of the natural environment's structure, function, changes, resources, and interaction with human activity, developing solutions to global environmental challenges, and creating new natural environments.

    • Geosphere
    • Hydrosphere
    • Natural resources
    • Nature conservation
    • Symbiosis
    • Marine environment
  • Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment

    We cultivate human resources that can contribute to the creation of new ocean-related industries as we pursue research and development of ways to exploit marine resources, such as ocean renewable energy, seafloor mineral/energy resources, environmental technologies, and sensing technologies.

    • Ocean space utilization
    • Marine environment preservation
    • Ocean information
    • Ocean technology policy
    • Ocean industry
    • Ocean energy/resources
  • Environment Systems

    Approaching the environment as a system composed of humans, communities, and nature, we seek to design and establish a sustainable society founded on understanding of the elementary processes of the environment's components and how those components interact.

    • Material cycles
    • Environmental dynamics
    • Development of environmentally compatible society
    • Energy systems
    • Environmental safety
    • Environmental risk
  • Human and Engineered Environmental Studies

    We seek to help build a society that accommodates rapid population aging and reduces carbon emissions by conducting research on elementary technologies and system design, evaluating their performance in field tests, and sharing the products of our research with society.

    • CO2reduction
    • Sustainable energy
    • Population aging
    • Mobility
    • Advanced information society
  • Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies

    Our program of education and research focuses on analysis, evaluation, forecasting, formation, and management of the physical environment and the human social environment at the levels of buildings, cities, regions, and the globe.

    • Buildings/cities
    • Water/coasts
    • Society/ethics
    • History/culture
    • Information/spaces
  • International Studies

    We engage in real-world-centric, hands-on transdisciplinary research in fields related to international cooperation, and contribute to society by formulating policy recommendations and fostering world-class leaders.

    • International cooperation
    • Development cooperation
    • Environment/resources
    • System design
    • Fieldwork
  • Graduate Program in Sustainability Science - Global Leadership Initiative

    We pursue education and research on challenges pertaining to global, social, and human systems from the perspective of sustainability and resilience, and in so doing cultivate global leaders who can tackle problems with a broad vision.

    • Sustainability
    • Consensus building
    • Sustainable society
    • Global leaders
    • Resilience
    • Symbiosis with the environment
    • Environmental policy