Information on Entrance Examinations

Welcome to our website for information on entrance examinations.This website shows the necessary information on GSFS entrance examinations.

Applications accepted through the Online Application Site.
If you have any questions, please see "8. FAQs" at the bottom of the page and "FAQ". If you still have any questions, please contact us via "9. Contacts and inquires".

The application period for Ordinary Examination (Schedule B) is from Tuesday, November 16, to Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 23:00 Japan time (JST).

Please prepare as stated below prior to application.

System Requirements

The following Web browsers are supported for online applications.
  • ・Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • ・Microsoft Internet Edge Latest edition
  • ・Google Chrome Latest edition
  • ・Mozilla Firefox Latest edition
  • ・Apple Safari 8 or higher
*Please refrain from simultaneous applications on multiple tabs while using the browser tab functions as this may cause malfunction such as selected context being carried over to other tabs.
Please use the following OS for online application using smartphones and tablets.
  • ・ IOS 10.2 or higher
  • ・ Android 4.4 or higher
*Recommend using the standard browser of each OS for the best results.

Software needed for downloading or printing PDF files

Adobe Reader is required to view or print the application form which is in PDF format. Please download the Adobe Reader software from the following website (free download).

Email address

A valid email address is required for your online application. We recommend using an email address that can be used on the computer in order to print out the examination admission ticket. Please check your email settings as well to ensure that you are able to receive emails from the following domain:

Documents to submit

Documents to be submitted in this online system include digital image of your face photo file (Photo requirements: jpeg format, Width: Height= 3:4 Number of pixels: Width over 236 pixels, Height over 308 pixels, Resolution: 300 dpi, Can upload file size up to 1MB), Inquiry Sheet, transcripts, graduation/completion certificate, resident card (only a foreigner currently residing in Japan), academic/duty balance plan (only those who wish to enroll with the status of employment), English score sheet, research plan, essay, abstract of doctoral thesis, letter of recommendation, etc. For details, please carefully check the application guidelines (graduate school website) and the entrance examination guidebook of the department you wish to apply (department website).

If the English score sheet, etc. is not submitted during the application period, please state so in the Message column at the time of online application, and after the application deadline, please upload using "Upload Additional Documents."

The photo will be used to identify you at the entrance examination, and to create your student ID card for enrollment. Please note that you may not be able to take the entrance examination if your photo is retouched and we cannot identify you online.


・Applications for Schedule A and B are accepted online.

Application Period :

May 20 (Thu) to 26 (Wed), 2021 (Special Oral Exam)

June 9 (Wed) to 17(Thu), 2021 (Schedule A)

November 16(Tue) to 25 (Thu), 2021 (Schedule B)

・ If you cannot submit your English score sheet etc. by the online application deadline, please state so in the correspondence box when you apply online.

※The novel coronavirus infection is expanding and if the situation deteriorates, the entrance examination this year might not be conducted as the way written in the Guideline for Applicants. We'd like to ask you to visit the website regularly both the school and the department you are willing to enroll and check the updated information regarding the entrance examination.

1.Information on entrance examinations offered by GSFS

The information on entrance examinations is available in the following ways:

  1. Guidelines for Applicants (available only online)
  2. GSFS website (this website)
  3. Entrance Examination Guide of each department
  4. Department websites
  5. Briefing sessions on entrance examinations, visiting laboratories, etc. provided by each department (Note: some departments may not provide the briefing sessions.)

Guidelines for Applicants and GSFS website

The Guidelines for Applicants(master/doctor courses) and this website provide information about examination types, eligibility, screening process, application procedures including how to submit score sheets of official English Tests such as TOEFL, multiple applications, admission quotas by department, examination schedule, required documents, decision announcement and admission procedures, and other information.

Information on entrance examinations offered by each department

Each department of GSFS has their own method of entrance examinations to accommodate the diversity and nature of their research fields, methodologies, etc. The requirements, screening process, and other matters specific to each department as well as the information on their research activities are posted on each department website and included in the Entrance Examination Guide.
(Note: Graduate Program in Sustainability Science - Global Leadership Initiative: (GPSS-GLI) is included whenever department or each department is referred to on this website.)
See department websites

3.Guidelines for Applicants and Entrance Examination Guides

3-1 Guidelines to Master Course

(Ordinary Examination, Special Selection for Applicants with Overseas Education)

PDF Download PDF

3-2 Guidelines to Doctor Course Ver.2

(Ordinary Examination, Special Selection for Applicants with Overseas Education and Special Selection for Applicants with Professions)

PDF Download PDF

3-3 Entrance Examination Guides / Inquiry Sheet / Document Checklist

PDF Department of Advanced Material Science / Inquiry Sheet / Document Checklist

PDF Department of Advanced Energy / Inquiry Sheet・Document Checklist

PDF Department of Complexity Science and Engineering / Department Guidebook / Inquiry Sheet・Document Checklist

PDF Department of Integrated Biosciences / Department Guidebook /

PDF Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences / Inquiry Sheet / Document Checklist

PDF Division of Environmental Studies / Guide to The 2022 Entrance Examination of Master & Doctor Courses
     Oct. 5th: Updated Information on Entrance Examinations of HEES (About Time zone, English score, and Original document)

     Please obtain “Information on Entrance Examination, Inquiry Sheet, and Document Checklist” from the
     appropriate department/program website.
 ・Dept. of Natural Environmental Studies
 ・Dept. of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment
 ・Dept. of Environment Systems
 ・Dept. of Human and Engineered Environmental Studies
 ・Dept. of Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies
 ・Dept. of International Studies
 ・Graduate Program in Sustainability Science - Global Leadership Initiative


4. Paying the examination fee

※You can pay the examination fee on the online application site.

7. Alumni careers (Japanese version only)

8. FAQs

1. When you send us inquiries by email, please describe the department and program (master’s or doctoral) to which you will apply.
2. In addition to the general application documents, departments may require other materials. Please review the website of the department to which you will apply.

Q.1 Can I obtain application material by email or by online database?
A.1 There is no application material you need to obtain in advance since you could apply online. Please apply through the online application site.
Q.2 Will I be disadvantaged if I don't attend an entrance examination briefing session?
A.2 No, there is no disadvantage. However, briefing sessions are good opportunities to talk to professors in person about research and school life, and we recommend attending one.
Q.3 Is there any advantage to contacting my desired supervising professors prior to the entrance examination?
A.3 No, prior contact does not affect entrance examination results and laboratory assignments.
Q.4 Is it possible to visit my desired laboratory?
A.4 Yes, but the visit must be done before the application deadline. Please contact the professor of your desired laboratory, and make an appointment. For the contact details of each professor, refer to each department's Entrance Examination Guides.
Q.5 If I visit laboratories, can I ask my desired supervising professors about the entrance examinations?
A.5 No, professors will not answer questions about the entrance examinations such as how to study for the examination. However, you can discuss questions about the research conducted in their laboratory, the research they are able to supervise, school life, and possible careers after graduation.
Q.6 Is it possible to visit my desired supervising professors, or contact them by email before entrance examinations?
A.6 Yes, it is possible to contact or visit professors before the application deadline. Consulting professors on research prior to application is helpful to confirm if your research plan meets the research conducted in their laboratory, and will result in smooth research activities after enrollment. If you are a doctoral course applicant, please be sure to contact professors prior to application. The contact details of each professor can be found in each department's Entrance Examination Guides and on the GSFS website.
Q.7 Do I need to take the individual screening for entrance qualification?
A.7 Whether or not you need to take the individual screening depends on which applicant eligibility criteria you fall under. Please read the Applicant Eligibility section of our application guidelines carefully, and confirm whether or not you need to take it.
Q.8 Is the Employment background section only for full-time work, or can l include part-time and/or short-term work? I have done several lab experiences but they were not full-time.
A.8 Yes, you may include any or all works related lab experiences. But you should keep your answers concise.
Q.9 For the "Research Record" section, may I include research projects which were part of my education (bachelor and/or master's projects)?
A.9 Yes, you may include any or all research projects. But you should keep your explanations concise.
Q.10 I completed my Foundation, Bachelor and Master’s degrees in the UK. Therefore, am I exempt from taking TOEFL/IELTS?
A.10 English test may be exempted depending on departments. Please confirm with the entrance examination guide of the department you intend to apply.
Q.11 Graduation in my university is held at the end of June, and certificates of degree and diplomas are issued after that. Should I provide a Certificate of Enrollment?
A.11 Please check "expected graduation" on the online application. You do not have to submit a certificate of bachelor's degree and graduation at the time of application. Please submit them as part of the admission procedures after you pass the entrance examination.
Q.12 Should I send the original application documents or copies?
A.12 For diplomas, certificates, and transcripts, only originals or certified copies are accepted. A certified copy is a photocopy certified by the issuing university with the University's official seal as a true copy of the original. If you cannot send us the original, please ask your university to make a certified copy and submit it to us. Uncertified copies are not acceptable.
Q.13 Will my application be accepted after the application deadline in the event of extenuating circumstances?
A.13 Unfortunately, no. No applications are accepted after the application deadline under any circumstances.
Q.14 How competitive is the entrance examination?
A.14 For an accurate number/ratio of successful applicants, refer to the following website.
"5. Reviewing past examination results" (Japanese version only)
Q.15 Where can I obtain past entrance examination tests?
A.15 You can download them from the following website or from each department's Admission websites.
Q.16 If I am admitted for October entry and if I do not complete my degree requirements by September, can I enroll in April of the following year?
A.16 No, you cannot change your enrollment date after the result of the entrance examinations has been announced.
Q.17 Is the result of the entrance examinations affected by the applicant's graduating university?
A.17 No. All applicants are treated equally in the application review process.
Q.18 Will phone, email or fax inquires for the examination results be accepted?
A.18 No. Examination results inquires are not accepted by phone, email, or fax.
Q.19 I want to apply for the scholarship. Will I be automatically considered for the scholarship when I apply for the regular course, or do I need to apply for the scholarship separately?
A.19 All scholarships must be applied for separately. GSFS does offer combined admission schemes in collaboration with MEXT (Japanese government), Asian Development Bank, and China Scholarship Council. Please find the information in the ILO (International Liaison Office) website.
Q.20 Can I get alumni’s career information such as the name of their company?
A.20 Yes. It is released on this admission website and each department's homepage.
Q.21 Where can I get careers advice?
A.21 Each department has a career advisor. You can ask them for advice after enrollment. In addition, enrolled students can take advantage of the Career Support Office and career seminars.
Q.22 May I apply for the Special Selection for Applicants with Professions?
A.22For the Special Selection for Applicants with Professions, requirements may vary by department. Please inquire with the contact person of your prospective department regarding specific requirements. In addition, it is advisable to ask them if the special selection is available in English or not.
Q.23I transferred into the third year of a Japanese university from university outside Japan, and graduated from the Japanese university. Am I eligible to apply for the Special Selection for Applicants with Overseas Education?
A.23 No. Those who have graduated from a Japanese university must apply for the Ordinary Examination even if they have been enrolled in an university outside Japan.
Q.24Is Japanese language proficiency required to enter GSFS regular course?
A.24 Whether or not you can complete the regular course without Japanese language proficiency depends on the department and supervisor.Please contact your prospective supervisor in GSFS for this question.
Q.25I am planning to enter the regular course in October after taking the Schedule A entrance exam. Are there any points to note?
A.25 The period between the result announcement date and the enrollment date in schedule A is short, and obtaining a student visa can take a long time which could delay your arrival in Japan. Please consult with your prospective supervisor in GSFS about your study and research plans.
Q.26 Who can help me with my visa application? I might need some necessary documents for a short visit visa, so as to enter Japan for my exam.
A.26 Regarding a short-term visa for taking the entrance examination, please contact the GSFS Internal Liaison Office (ilo.secretariat[at]
Q.27 I still have not received my visa so I cannot go to Japan during the admission period. What should I do?
A.27 Admission procedure documents are accepted by post also. Those who passed the exam will receive the admission procedure documents. Please read through the documents and follows the instructions.
Q.28I would like to obtain a Student visa. Could you explain the application procedure?
A.28 To obtain Student visa, you have to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) first.
It usually takes about 7 to 10 weeks for the screening process at the Immigration office in Japan. For CoE application, please contact the GSFS Student Affairs Team (k-kyomu[at] You need to submit the materials below so that we can apply on your behalf.

1. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (For Applicant, Part 1,2,3)
2. Copies of the pages of your passport with your name and passport number on them
3. One photo (40 mm H x 30 mm W)
4. Document showing how you will support your expenses while you are in Japan

After you receive CoE, please apply for a “Student Visa” at your nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate. You can receive your residence card at the airport when you arrive in Japan.
Q.29Although I plan to apply for the English course, I can speak Japanese very well and I have an N1 degree in JLPT. So, if I’m enrolled, may I take courses given in Japanese?
A.29Yes, anyone, including international students, can take courses given in Japanese.
Q.30 Where can I obtain information about accommodations offered by University or GSFS.
A.30 Please refer to the following ILO website for details about housing for international students.

9. Contacts and inquires

Student Affairs Team
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
The University of Tokyo
If you have any questions regarding the Entrance Examinations, please contact us using the form below.

Inquiry Form:

•We will reply to your inquiry approximately within three working days.

•Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries unrelated to the entrance exam.

•Please check "8. FAQs" on the entrance examination page of our website before making inquiries.

No inquiries are accepted by phone and/or email for the results of the entrance examinations.