Yoshiaki Sugimoto / Associate Professor / Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences
Department of Advanced Materials Science / / Nanotechnology

Career Summary
2001: Graduated from Faculty of Science (Osaka University)
2006: Received Ph.D. in Engineering (Osaka University)
2006-2011: Research associate (Osaka University)
2011-2015: Associate Professor (Osaka University)
2015-present: Associate Professor (University of Tokyo)
Educational Activities
Graduate school: Scanning Probe Techniques (Osaka University)
Research Activities
The ability to assemble nanostructures with unique and specific properties is a key technology for developing next-generation devices. For this goal, major success is anticipated through the bottom-up approach: namely, the attempt to create such nano-devices from the atomic or molecular level instead of miniaturizing from the macroscopic world. In the bottom-up approach, the ultimate limit is to fabricate artificial nanostructures on surfaces by manipulating single atoms or molecules one by one.
In our laboratory, we are developing such atom manipulation techniques as well as chemical identification and local characterization techniques using scanning probe microscopy (SPM). Our SPMs are based on atomic force microscopy (AFM), which has wide applications including insulator imaging and force measurements. Combining SPM with scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) allows us to access various physical/chemical quantities on identical atoms at the same time. We are also developing a new system to achieve higher spatial resolution and higher functionality.
Other Activities
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The Physical Society of Japan
The Surface Science Society of Japan
The Japanese Society of Microscopy
Future Plan
Chemical identification of single atoms. Building nano-systems atom-by-atom.
Messages to Students
We encourage you to enjoy your own research and find interesting phenomena.