Faculty Members

Tsuyoshi Kimura/Professor/Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences

Department of Advanced Materials Science//

Career Summary

1991: Graduated from Faculty of Engineering (University of Tokyo)
1996: Received Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Tokyo
1996: Postdoctoral fellow (Joint Research Center for Atom Technology)
2000: Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering (University of Tokyo)
2003: Limited term staff member (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
2005: Member of technical staff, Bell Laboratories (Lucent Technologies)
2007: Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science (Osaka University)
2017: Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (University of Tokyo)

Educational Activities

Graduate school: Introduction to Advanced Materials Science V

Research Activities

Study of coupled phenomena between magnetism and ferroelectricity.
We explore materials showing couple phenomena between magnetism and ferroelectricity (refs. 1 and 2).


1) T. Kimura, T. Goto, H. Shintani, K. Ishizaka, T. Arima, and Y. Tokura, "Magnetic control of ferroelectric polarization", Nature 426, 55-58 (2003).
2) T. Kimura, Y. Sekio, H. Nakamura, T. Siegrist, and A. P. Ramirez, "Cupric oxide as an induced-multiferroic with high-TC", Nat. Mater. 7, 291-298 (2008).

Other Activities

Member of American Physical Society
Member of Physical Society of Japan
Member of Materials Research Society

Future Plan

We seek new magnetoelectric phenomena and materials with higher performances including high-temperature operation and the magnitude of the effect.

Messages to Students

I hope you challenge yourself with various endeavors during your school life to improve yourself.