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The GSFS logo was selected from among 84 contributions to a call for suggestions that was open to all GSFS members. After being touched up by a professional designer, the logo was unveiled this past March 31.

Downloadable image files

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The GSFS logo is a registered trademark.
-The logomark may be used alone (without the logotype).
-Please do not alter the logo’s shape, including the aspect ratio.
-Please comply with the color specifications.
-The logo may be reproduced in white outline on a darkly colored background, provided that it remains clearly recognizable.

  • -Members of the GSFS teaching/administrative staff are not required to request permission to use the logo.
  • -GSFS students wishing to use the logo are required to obtain their advisor’s pre-approval. Request a member of your laboratory’s teaching/administrative staff to supply you with an image file of the logo.
    ロゴ色指定Logo color specifications (click to expand)



Logo Concept

The GSFS logo depicts a “tree of knowledge” inspired by our campus’ location in Kashiwa, which means “oak tree.” Its blue and gold coloring is the same as that used in the University of Tokyo logo. The gold leaves represent mature leaves that have taken on their autumnal tint, while the blue leaves radiating from the center represent fresh new leaves. The image of branches spreading outward symbolizes our graduate school’s pursuit of growth toward new horizons of knowledge, and our network linking a diverse array of disciplines. As exemplified by kashiwa-mochi (rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves), oak trees have long been considered a symbol of good luck in Japan because they do not lose their old leaves until the new ones come out. In the same way, the logo encapsulates the hope that our lineage of knowledge will remain unbroken as it passed on to new generations of scholars.


Logo creator Yoshinori Fukasawa, 2nd-year Master’s student, Computational Biology

Logo combined with the logotype

logo logo
logo logo
logo logo


The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences retains all copyrights pertaining to the logo and logotype.


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