For Examinee

Prospective students applying to the Master's and doctoral entrance examination for the academic year 2023 (examination held in Aug. 2022)

The TOEFL scoresheet is required (iBT, Home Edition are also accepted). Please take the test well in advance. (The University of Tokyo students expected to complete their Master's program are not required to submit the scoresheet.) Please see Overview of Entrance Examination for details.

Briefings of the entrance examination

The briefings will be held as a hybrid of online Zoom meeting and onsite lab visits.

  • Saturday, May 14th, 2022, 13:00- (ended)
    • 13:00-14:10 Overview (online)
    • 14:20-15:50 Lab tours (online -> see here for details)
    • 16:00- Labvisits (onsite and online -> see here for details)
  • If you wish to participate, please register at this link by 22:00 on May 13.

    Links on entrance examination

    The information will be updated when the COVID-19 situation changes. Please check the latest version.
    • Information site of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Guidelines for applicants (English Version is attached after the Japanese Version) and Online Application site are found here.
    • Guidebook made by the Department of Complexity Science and Engineering
    • Information for international students. Not only the ordinary entrance examination but also other application methods are described.

    What's new

    • The guidbook by the department was updated regarding the Schedule B examination.
    • Information of TOEFL Score Sheet submission was posted.
    • Lecturer Shohei Aoki has joined our department on April 1st. He will accept new students from this entrance exam.


    • Are numeric formulas included for the word count in the Essay?
      A. Yes, they are.
    • Can I appoint the time and date of the oral examination?
      A. No, you cannot.
    • Where should I contact when I have questions concerning admission and/or entrance examination.
      A. Please contact via E-mail at “contact [at]” (link)
    • Is the content of the Essay (1) limited to academic topics?
      A. Yes, but in a broad sense.
    • By when should I take the TOEFL exam?
      A. Deadline for submitting Test Taker Score Report to the Online Application System for the Schedule A Entrance Examination 2023 is August 4 (24:00 JST). It is recommended you take the TOEFL exam at least two weeks prior to this deadline.
    • Could I apply even if I have not received TOEFL Test Taker Score Report by the application period?
      A. Yes. Please apply the Online Application System without information regarding TOEFL, and submit the Test Taker Score Report later to the Online Application System later (by the deadline above).
    • Is it necessary to submit the original hard copy of the TOEFL Score Report?
      A. No. If you have requested ETS to send your Institutional Score Report, submit the TOEFL Test Taker Score Report and enter the 16-digit Appointment Number to the Online Application System, you don’t have to mail the original copy.