For Examinee

Advance notice regarding the 2025 entrance exam

Master's program

Until now, an examinee had to submit a TOEFLiBT score for the English test, but one can submit either a TOEFLiBT or a TOEIC L&R score.

Doctoral program

It is no longer required to submit a TOEFLiBT score.

What's new

  • Information on briefing of the 2025 entrance examination is available below.

Briefings of the entrance examination

The following three briefings are scheduled. Please register at least two days before the date. Click the registration below each date.

  • May 11 (Sat), 2024, 12:30-: Held on Campus. Media Hall in Kashiwa Library, Kashiwa Campus
    • Registration
    • 12:30- Overview
    • 14:00- Facility and Lab tours
    • 16:00- Lab visits
  • May 18 (Sat), 2024, 12:00-: Hybrid style held online and at the lecture room of the department in Transdisciplinary Sciences Bldg., Kashiwa Campus. (You can use wifi on-site to join the online session)
    • Registration
    • 12:00- Overview (online-playback of video)
    • 13:10- Q&A (online)
    • 13:30- Lab briefing (online / 4-parallel sessions)
    • Lab visits (On Campus and/or online. Note that you can visit only the following labs.)
      • On Campus: Yoshikawa/Yoshioka, Shinoda/Makino, Ejiri/Tsujii, Aonishi, Hayashi
      • Online: Yoshikawa/Yoshioka, Shinoda/Makino, Imamura/Aoki, Sugiyama/Yokoya/Ishida, Kori/Kobayashi/Izumida, Okada, Nose, Sasaki, Aonishi, Fujisawa, Tanaka, Todo, Tamura, Shinohara
  • May 25 (Sat), 2024, 12:00-: Held online
    • Registration
    • 12:00- Overview (online-playback of video)
    • 13:10-13:30 Q&A (online)

  • Links on entrance examination

    The information will be updated when the COVID-19 situation changes. Please check the latest version.


    • Are numeric formulas included for the word count in the Essay?
      A. Yes, they are.
    • Can I appoint the time of the oral examination?
      A. No, you cannot.
    • Where should I contact when I have questions concerning admission and/or entrance examination.
      A. Please go to the link.
    • Is the content of the Essay (1) limited to academic topics?
      A. Yes, but in a broad sense.
    • By when should I take the TOEFL or TOEIC exam?
      A. Deadline for submitting the score to the Online Application System is June 20 (24:00 JST) for the Schedule A Entrance Examination for the academic year 2025. Since it takes time to obtain the score, it is recommended to take the test well in advance.
    • Which TOEFL or TOEIC score is required?
      A. The score of either the TOEFL iBT, TOEFL iBT Home Edition or TOEIC L&R is required.
    • Could I apply even if I have not received the score by the application period?
      A. Yes. Please apply the Online Application System without information regarding TOEFL or TOEIC, and submit the score to the Online Application System later (by the deadline above).
    • Is it necessary to submit the original hard copy of the score?
      A. No, you don’t have to send the original copy by post.