Seminar of Complexity Science and Engineering I,II

Seminar of Complexity Science and Engineering I and II are compulsory subjects for Master course students and Doctor course students, respectively. M1 and M2 students give presentations on article introduction or research report. D1 students serve as chair.
Every Monday 5th period (16:50-) at the Large Lecture Hall in Kiban build. (Online for AY2022) Zoom URL will be shown at ITC-LMS.
Presentation format
  • Each time 1-3 speakers. 25 minutes presentation and 10 minutes discussion.
  • Speakers should send the abstract with about 100 words including title and name to the ML (gakusei-fukuzatsu [at] one week prior to the presentation.
  • Speaker should upload the resume PDF file with A4 2 pages to the personal folder in Google Fapps and make sharing settings by 12:00 of the presentation date. File name should be composed of [the date]_[the order]_[the name] (For example, 0409_1_Sato.PDF).
  • Send the notice mail to the mailing list(gakusei-fukuzatsu [at] indicating the URL of the file after you upload and make sharing the file.
  • In principle presentation for each student is scheduled in the M1 A-semester and M2 S-semester. (For September Entry, M1 S-semester and M2 A-semester).
  • If you have any troubles, contact Izumida.
Chair person
  • The chairperson summarizes the comments and questions on the presentations. The hand-raise and chat functions of Zoom should be used when appropriate.
  • Ask questions and make comments to the presenter. All students are required to make a comment on each presentation on the ITC-LMS. Attendance should be registered on the ITC-LMS using a password that will be provided during the lecture.
In case of absence
  • If you cannot attend the Seminar by the inevitable reason such as a conference or an official trip, obtain the permission from your supervisor and send email to the supervisor, the seminar staff (Izumida: izumida [at] and Office (jimu-fukuzatsu [at] If you get sick and cannot attend, please send mail in the same way. In inevitable cases you can send mail later date.
  • Information will be announced through the ML (
  • Course registration should be achieved once at the beginning. Seminar I (47133-01S)、II (47133-02S). For September entry, Seminar I (47133-01W)、II (47133-02W).
  • If you have something uncertain, contact the staff (Izumida: izumida [at]