How to reach us

Using public transport,Two routes are available: Via TX Kashiwanoha Station and Via JR Kashiwa Station..

(Information made by the garduate school is here)

1:Via TX Kashiwanoha Station

The nearest station from the campus is TX Kashiwanoha Station.
Use any of the following buses at the West Bus terminal.

  • Buses operated by Tobu: bound for"Nagareyama Ootakanomori St. East Exit", "Edogawadai St. East Exit", "Toudai Nishi". After about 10 miniutes on bus, get off at the bus stop "Toidaimae". You will find the main gate of the campus.
  • University Shuttle bus: Direct bus from the station to several bus stops in the campus. The nearest bus stop is "Kibantou-mae" Free for students and visitors. It is operated only during the eary morning and the evening. The time schedule is here.

2:Via JR Kashiwa Station

Go to West Exist Bus Terminal Gate #2. Get on the bus bound for "National Cancer Center via Kashiwanoha Park". After about 20-30 miniutes on bus get off at the bus stop "Toidaimae". You will find the front gate of the campus.