Yutaka Michida / Professor / Division of Environment
Department of Natural Environment / / Physical Oceanography

Career Summary
1981: Graduated, Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo
1983: Master of Science from The University of Tokyo
1984: Ocean Surveys Officer, Hydrographic Department of Maritime Safety Agency
1986-1987: Member, 28th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition
1989-1991: Ocean Development Division, Science and Technology Agency
1994: Senior Research Officer, Ocean Research Laboratory, Japan Coast Guard
1997: Deputy Director, Japan Oceanographic Data Center
1999: Deputy Director, Planning Division, Hydrographic Department, Japan Coast Guard
1999: Doctor of Science from The University of Tokyo
2000: Associate Professor, Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
2007: Professor, Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
Educational Activities
Graduate School: Ocean Dynamics, Marine Physical Environment
Research Activities
Surface current structure and divergent/convergent fields observed with drifters (refs 1-4)

Detailed current structure observed with ADCP (refs 5-6)

Oceanographic data management (ref 7)

1) Michida, Y. and H. Yoritaka: J. Geophys. Res., 101, 12475-12482, 1996.
2) Michida, Y.: Rep. Hydrogr. Res., 33, 21-30, 1997.
3) Aoyagi, H. et al.: MTS/IEEE Techno-Ocean'04, 1, 139-145, 2004.
4) Michida, Y. et al.: Coastal Mar. Sci., 30(1), 27-35,  2006.
5) Michida, Y. and H. Ishii: J. AMSTEC, 6, 29-44, 2000.
6) Michida, Y.: Rep. Hydrogr. Res., 31, 45-56, 1995.
7) Michida, Y.: Kaiyo Monthly, 33, 293-298, 2001.
Other Activities
Oceanographic Society of Japan
Society of Advanced Marine Science and Technology
Society of Marine Surveys and Technology
American Geophysical Union
2001- present: Member of National Committee for IOC (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission)
2002-06: Member of Ocean Observations Panel for Climate
2000-03: Member of Intergovernmental Working Group for IOC Oceanographic Data Exchange Policy
Future Plan

Messages to Students