Collaborative Research

A Social Collaboration Lecture: "Open Innovation in Mobility Technology for Realizing the SDGs"


Professor FUJIMOTO Hiroshi, Project Lecturer SHIMIZU Osamu, Department of Advanced Energy / FUJIMOTO-SHIMIZU Laboratory

Joint Research Companies

DENSO Corporation / NSK Ltd. / Bridgestone Corporation / ROHM CO., LTD

Collaboration Period

December 1, 2020 - March 31, 2024

Research content

Creating a "low-carbon society" that has achieved a reduced amount of greenhouse gases emissions, especially carbon dioxide (CO2) which is considered one of thecauses of global warming, has become a global concern. As such, automakers around the world are focused on developing electric vehicles (EVs). To solve issues related to EV infrastructure, a research group led by Professor FUJIMOTO Hiroshi has been developing a "dynamic wireless power transfer system" that wirelessly transfers power from a section of road to a moving EV. This project has been conducted in collaboration with industry, academia, and the government. Professor FUJIMOTO Hiroshi and Project Lecturer SHIMIZU Osamu has joined hands with (as of December 2020), DENSO Corporation, NSK Ltd., Bridgestone Corporation, and ROHM CO., LTD. This course was established in collaboration with all the parties involved in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences. The aim of this project is to reach the demonstration phase of the technologies and control systems proposed in this course by some time after 2025.

Mobility is developed by making full use of knowledge from various fields such as electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, and materials science, etc. In this course, the research is not limited to solving problems in a single academic field, but is pursued across multiple academic fields. In addition, we promote research through an open innovation, i.e. we aim to lay the foundation for technological innovation by actively welcoming parties involved in research and development of this technology. Since the creation of an open innovation framework and establishing conventions in any new technology involves elements of trial and error , we aim to implement an open innovation mechanism to build a successful enterprise.

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