Our laboratory conducts research on structural physics of functional materials. Structural physics is a field that clarifies the properties of materials based on the crystal structures, which are the starting point for materials research. By utilizing not only laboratory systems but also various quantum beams like synchrotron radiation and neutrons from multiple perspectives, we work to understand the fundamentals of the mechanism of functional expression through quantum multi-probe and multi-scale analysis that reveals various aspects of materials on a wide range of atomic scales. We focus on a broad range of topics, including practical materials like dielectrics, semiconductors, and solar cells as well as fundamental materials like new superconductors and magnetic materials. Under the guiding principle of "research that is pleasant to create and measure," we do our everyday research while taking into account not only how to clarify functions but also how to achieve improved performance.

山浦研究室 研究紹介



山浦研究室 研究紹介


中性子を用いた2体相関分布関数解析(左)から導き出した高誘電体LaTiO2N の極性(polar)ナノ構造(右)。矢印は非極性(non-polar)構造からの変位を示している。


TokyoExperiments, in any case, are entertaining. I want to share the excitement of discovering a brand-new phenomenon and knowing that I conducted a successful experiment. I want you to have the best time possible while performing research in our cozy lab.

I chose to pursue a career in science because I wanted to work in a field where I could utilize my manual dexterity. As a researcher, I was drawn to the thought that I could make beautiful crystals, conduct precise and accurate measurements, and provide correct data.These are the fundamental steps that form the basis of my research. Searching for good crystals can be time-consuming and requires me to spend two to three hours examining them under a microscope. However, when I am fully focused, it becomes easier to find high quality crystals, and the moment I discover one is incredibly satisfying. The feeling of relief when I find "the only one crystal" is what drives my passion for research. Looking back, when I was in elementary school, I used to gaze up at the starry sky during astronomy observations. Later in high school, I observed how metal seeds would grow and form a miniature forest, as well as experiments that would instantly change the color of materials. Perhaps it was the beauty that science can create that drew me to pursue a career in this field.


Associate Professor Jyun-ichi Yamaura

Associate Professor Jyun-ichi Yamaura

1992 Tokyo Institute of Technology, B.S., Chemistry

1997 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ph.D., Chemistry

1997 Research Associate, Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo

2012 Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

2022 Researcher, Institute of Materials Structure Science, The High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

1995 Associate Professor, ICR, Kyoto University

2023 Associate Professor, Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo

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  • Jyun-ichi Yamaura Lab.,
  • Department Of Advanced Materials Science,
  • Graduate School of Frontier Sciences,
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Kashiwanoha 5-1-5,
  • Kashiwa,Chiba 277-8561, Japan