How to Request and ObtainVarious Certificates(For Students and Alumni)

Please click here for information on scheduled suspensions of automatic certificate issuing machines and closures of the Student Affairs Team counter.

Issuance Method

※Applications cannot be made by phone or e-mail.
※For tamper-prevention, certificates cannot be issued in PDF format.

[ 1 ] Use of Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine
*Available certificates: Certificate of Enrollment, Certificate of Expected Program
Completion, Academic Transcript, and Student Travel Discount Certificate
*Available only while enrolled in school.

[ 2 ] Requests via Postal Mail

[ 3 ] Requests in Person at the GSFS Student Affairs Team counter
(1st floor of the Kashiwa Campus Transdisciplinary Sciences Building)
*Office hours: Weekdays 10:00 - 12:00 / 13:00 - 16:00

[ 4 ] Sending Certificates Overseas / Requests from Overseas

Processing Time

When issued by the GSFS Student Affairs Team:

  • Japanese---Available on the second business date from receipt of the application .
  • English--- Available on the fourth business date from receipt of the application.
    *The above is only a guideline. Please apply well in advance, as it may take up to one week depending on the content of the certificate.
    *It will take more time if the application is sent by postal mail.
    *Errors in documents and mailing conditions may also cause delays.
  • Only currently enrolled regular course students may use the Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine.
  • The machines at the Kashiwa Campus are available from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays (except during the year-end and New Year holidays). For details, please check the UTokyo Website.
  • Login ID and password are the same as UTokyo Account (UTAS).
  • The types of certificates that can be issued differ depending on the faculty/graduate school. For certificates other than those issued by the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, please contact the administrative office of that faculty or graduate school.
  • The following types of certificates can be issued by the issuing machine for students belonging to the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.
    • -Certificate of Enrollment ≪Japanese/English≫
    • -Academic Transcript ≪Japanese/English≫

      *In case English course titles are not shown on the transcript issued by the automatic certificate machine, please contact the Student Affairs Team. In such cases, please note that it will take a few days to issue the certificate. (*Refer "Processing Time")

    • -Certificate of Expected Program Completion ≪Japanese/English≫
      Master's Course: Can be issued from the 2nd year
      Doctoral Course: Can be issued from the day after a simply bound doctoral thesis is submitted to the Student Affairs Team.
    • -Student Travel Discount Certificate

      *Only for "regular students" and "special auditing students" admitted from universities outside of Japan.
      During the period of enrollment as a student of the University, students are allowed to use this discount certificate for the prescribed purposes such as returning home, practical training, school-approved extracurricular activities, entrance exams for employment or higher education, school events, medical treatment, accompanying parents, etc.
      Student Travel Discount Certificates are valid for three months and cannot be used by anyone other than the student named on the certificate.
      Please refrain from obtaining unnecessary certificates. Round-trip tickets can be purchased with one Student Travel Discount Certificate.

Please send all of the following (1) to (3) to the address below.

  • (1) "Certificate Request Form" (download from the bottom of this page)
  • (2) A copy of your ID (a copy of your student ID card if you are a current student)

    *If you have changed your family name after leaving school, please submit a document showing that you have changed your family name (Certificate will be issued with your name as it was when you were enrolled at school).

  • (3) Self-addressed stamped envelope

*If the mailing address is different from your current address and the recipient (name on the return envelope) is different from you, please also send "Letter of Proxy". However, this is not necessary if the recipient is a company, etc.

  • Download "Letter of Proxy" word pdf

<<Mailing address>>

Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
The University of Tokyo
Attention: Student Affairs Team
5-1-5 Kashiwa-no-ha,
Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken 277-8561

"Attention" (*Please be sure to read all of the following information.)

  • There is no fee for issuing certificates, but postage will be charged.
  • No spare certificates can be issued. Only the number of certificates with the name of the institution to which they are to be submitted and the purpose for which they are to be used will be issued. (For example, if two "Certificate of Enrollment" are required, please indicate where and for what purpose each of the two certificates will be submitted.)
  • "Certificate of Enrollment" are not issued to those who have completed their studies. If you need a certificate for the period you were in school, please request a "Certificate of Program Completion".
  • Sealing means placing a certificate (folded in three) in a University of Tokyo envelope, affixing a seal, and sealing the envelope tightly. Please request sealing only if the recipient specifies it. Please be sure to send a non-standard size KAKUGATA #2 envelope (approximately 240×332mm) as a return envelope.
    If you need to have your certificates sealed, please specify how you wish them to be sealed. (e.g.: I would like to receive two Transcripts and two Program Completion Certificates. One Transcript and one Program Completion Certificate sealed in one envelope. The others do not need to be sealed.) If nothing is stated, the certificates will not be sealed in an envelope.
  • If you have changed your name after leaving school, a copy of an official document showing the change of name (e.g.: Back side of your driver's license, applicable part of your passport, Identification card with maiden name, Certificate of the Family Register, etc.) is required for identification.
    Please note that the name on the certificate will be the one used at the time of completion of the course (or the one when you left school). The applicant is responsible for verifying the identity of his/her name with the name on the family register.
  • Please refrain from inquiring about the arrival or shipping date of the documents, as our team cannot be certain about the delivery status of the mail.
  • If any of the documents received by mail are incomplete or missing, we will contact you at the e-mail address listed on the Certificate Request Form. Please check your e-mail accordingly. Certificates will be issued only after everything has been verified.

"Postage Stamp Rates for Mailing"

Japan Post Website Domestic delivery postage list (letters, postcards); Japan Post

Certificates only

●長形3号(定形)Envelopes (12cm×23.5cm)
A4 size paper folded in three

Number of sheets that can be enclosed Postage Stamp Rates
1 to 4 sheets (Up to 25g) 84 yen
5 to 9 sheets (Up to 50g) *Too tight. Not recommended. 94 yen

●角形2号(定形外)Envelopes (24cm×33.2cm)
A4 size paper can be enclosed without folding

Number of sheets that can be enclosed Postage Stamp Rates
1 to 6 sheets (Up to 50g) 120 yen
7 to 15 sheets (Up to 100g) 140 yen

If you prefer express mail or registered mail, please check below for the latest prices at the URL below.

Certificates with sealed envelopes

●角形2号(定形外)Envelopes (24cm×33.2cm)
A4 size paper can be enclosed without folding

Number of sheets that can be enclosed Postage Stamp Rates
1 to 3 sheets 120 yen
4 to 6 sheets 140 yen
7 to 10 sheets 210 yen

*The above is just a guideline. The actual weight may vary depending on the envelope size, material, and other factors. Please be aware that if the stamps you provided do not cover the shipping cost for sending the certificate, we will be unable to dispatch the certificate..

If you wish to apply at the counter, please download the "Certificate Request Form" from the bottom of this page, fill it out, and submit it to the GSFS Student Affairs Team on the 1st floor of the Transdisciplinary Sciences Building. If you apply at the counter, it will take several days (* Refer "Processing Time ") to issue the certificate.

[Days] Weekdays (excludes Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)
[Hours] 10 AM - 12 AM, 1 PM - 4 PM
[Location] Student Affairs Team, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
(First Floor, Transdisciplinary Sciences Building, Kashiwa Campus)
[What to bring]
1) A completed "Certificate Request Form" (form is also available at the counter)
2) Student ID card or ID card

"What to bring when Picking up Certificates at Student Affairs Team"

Student ID or ID card
*If you are unable to receive the certificate in person for unavoidable reasons, a proxy may receive it on your behalf.
In that case, the proxy must bring a "Letter of Proxy" and their ID card.

  • Download "Letter of Proxy" word pdf
  • (1) Applicants are responsible for shipping costs for sending certificates both domestically and internationally.
    For details, please refer "International Shipping Fee".
  • (2) Please prepare the following and apply from the form below.
    • "Certificate Request Form"
    • ID card
    • Supporting documentation showing direct sending instructions (If you wish your certificates to be sent directly to the overseas university or institution)
    • Application Form
  • (3) GSFS Student Affairs Team will contact you by e-mail after confirming the form.
    *If you do not receive an email from our team three business days after submitting the form, please submit the form again.
  • (4) After all required documents and shipping fees are received, we will proceed to the certificate issuing process. Please click here for processing time.
  • Download word pdf
  • Sample pdf
  • * Please be sure to download the file before filling out the form.
    Filling in the form from the browser may result in a corrupted layout.

"In case of difficulty downloading the form"

Please send us a sheet of paper with the following information:

  • Student ID number (8-digit number starting with 47. If you have completed the course or have left the school and do not know your ID number, you do not need to write it down.)
  • Name (Japanese: please write furigana, English: in Roman block capitals)
  • Date of birth
  • Department
  • Program (Master's, PhD)
  • Date of Matriculation / Enrollment (Month and Year)
  • Date of (Expected) Graduation / Date of Withdrawal (Month and Year)
  • Address (do not omit zip code and apartment/flat name)
  • E-mail address
  • Daytime Telephone number
  • Type and number of certificates being requested
    (e.g., 2 Certificates of Program Completion, 1 Certificate of Academic Degree)
  • Language (English or Japanese)
  • Whether and how the certificates are to be sealed
    (Certificates will be sealed only if requested.)
  • Purpose of use
  • Where you are going to submit the certificates

*No spare certificates can be issued.

Certificates will only be issued in accordance with the purpose of use and the specific named recipients.